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Skye's the Limit Equestrian Program

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Just A Maid - 2003 ApHC World Show Qualifier
Shown and Trained by Alexcia

Skye's the Limit training program takes into consideration each horse as an individual.  It is very important that we look at conformation and evaluate the horse to see if the discipline you are asking of your horse is something, he can physically handle.  In addition, we must look at his disposition and past encounters.  Training a horse can be dangerous and we remain concerned for horse and handler during the training process.

When it comes to training your horse, remember it takes time and persistence to obtain success.  We want to make sure that the training process is a pleasant one for your horse.  If they enjoy what they do, they will retain it in their long-term memory and enhance their work ethic. 

There is a variety of options available for training and we would love to answer any questions you may have.

Training is available for your horse in: General Training, Round Pen Basics, and Ground Driving Basics, All levels of Showmanship, Western Pleasure, English Pleasure, and Hunter Hack for the Novice Horse, Barrel Racing and Novice Reining.

Training for you and your horse include all of the above along with, Correct Equitation for both Western and Hunt Seat, Horsemanship & specializing in Rodeo Queen Preparations for ages 8 to 23 years. 

Training rates including board:
30 days - $490
60 days - $800
Board - $150/per month  - no training
Additional cost for grain & supplements unless provided by owner.
Call or email with questions and let's set a training plan for you and your horse.

Tari's first day under saddle!
Owned by Brannan Quarter Horses

Tari's first ride ever!

Teaching Gaming Clinic on Tari
Only 30 rides before teaching this clinic

4-H Gaming Clinic in Winchester, Idaho
What a great group of talented youth!

Skye's the Limit
Alexcia Skye Livingstone
Deary, Idaho